The Old Street area guide

Learn all about Serviced Offices and Coworking Spaces in Old Street

Old Street is easily one of the coolest areas in East London. Officially part of Islington and technically part of North London, Old Street runs west to east from Goswell Road in Clerkenwell to Hackney Road in Shoreditch. This length often means Old Street serves as de facto extension of Shoreditch albeit with an arguably heavier business presence, yet it retains all of the Shoreditch charm.

From Shoreditch straight across the 'Silicon Roundabout' and on towards Clerkenwell, Old Street has a very modern (and very London) juxtaposition of old and new architecture, traditional buildings and brand new skyscrapers as well as lots of street art by famous and renowned and artists.

With easily accessible travel links both on the underground, by bus and within walking distance of other major London centres; Old Street is a spectacular location for anyone to base themselves in for either work or fun. Whether you're looking to rent office space, rent a desk or just taking the team for a night out, read on to get all of the information you need about this great London location.

An image of breakout space in the Whitecollar Factory building next to Old Street roundabout

Office Space

When it comes to office space in Old Street, you are certainly not going to be left short of choice and won't struggle to find the perfect space whether you're solo or running a team of 100+

There are a multitude of choices for all types of office space, whether Serviced Office or Lease or if you're looking for Co-Working or Virtual Services.

If you're looking for modern Serviced Office space with great amenities, views and design then you need look no further than buildings like the fantastic Whitecollar Factory or The Bower. Flanked by masses of choice in places to eat or do some light shopping, you'll never have to rush about on your lunch break to get things done or feel satisfied.

Working as a small team or alone? Want to be around other people rather than stuck at home? Then Old Street also has tonnes of Co-Working options to offer. Whether you end up in the trendy Bonhill Three or elsewhere, your biggest challenge will be resisting trying out all the fantastic spaces on offer.

As always, we're more than happy to help you find the right space, so if Old Street is the spot for you, finish up reading and let us know via the enquiry form to the right or drop us an email on our Enquiries Email.

An image of a the top of a London bus and trees

The Great Outdoors

We all know the value of having access to great outdoor space. Whether you're working in an office, from home, going to meetings or just having a day out, nothing can beat being able to get a breath of fresh air and a bit of sunshine (or rain, as is often the case in the UK).

Not only is Old Street is within walking distance of a few outdoor spaces, there are plenty of public benches along the road if you want to just stop and watch the world go by or a plethora of food and drink options with both cafes and pubs having an abundance of spaces to sit. If a more open space if what you're after then you are within walking distance of St.Luke's Garden only a 7 minute walk away, Bunhill Fields which is also a 7 minute walk away or Finsbury Square which is only a 12 minute walk away, among many others.

and don't forget, many office spaces, members clubs and bars have roof terraces to take advantage of!

An image of a subway entrance in Old Street


Tube, Overground and Rail

Travel to and from Old Street couldn't be easier if it tried. Underneath the famed 'Silicon Roundabout' lies Old Street station, which is serviced by the Northern Line, running from Edgware in the North to Morden in the South. The Northern line runs through lots of major stations, such as Clapham Common, Elephant & Castle, London Bridge, Bank, King's Cross and Euston; so wherveer you and your team are based, you will be able to travel comfortably.


If you're more of a bus person, then Old Street also has great bus links to the rest of London. The busses 55, 135, 205, 243, N55, and N205 all stop at Old Street, so if you're travelling day or night, not only will you be able to get where you need to be but you'll be able to catch connecting services from any other major London centre.

On Foot

Old Street is also less than a 30-minute walk away from the Thames, which should give you an idea of just how accessible this location is on foot too.

An image of draught beer taps

Food and Drink


We all know that coffee makes the world go round and if you're spending time in and around Old Street then you're really not going to have to worry about getting your fix, and a good fix at that. There are tonnes of coffee shops within walking distance of Old Street station. Wether you're into independants or chains, cold brew or lattes, there's something for you.

If you're travelling to or from Old Street then we'd recomend Nincomsoup or if you're looking to stop and look around, or impress someone you're meeting over coffee then you just can't beat Shoreditch Grind.


Good food can make or break a day. If you're looking for a good lunch or afterwork meal then the area around Old Street is jam-packed with options, or if you're planning to go a little further afield then travelling from Old Street to other London centres is quick and easy.

For a good lunch bite-to-eat, alone or with your team or clients we'd recommend a quick walk (8 Minutes) to Whitecross Street for Witecross Market.

or for a great after-work dinner, you really can't beat the likes of Fare as the go-to for sharing food or impress with Officina 00 for artisinal pasta.


Unwinding with a beer or a glass of wine is practically a Biritish institution (or a couple of de-stressing lunch beers) and there are few better places to approach this level of zen than East London.

Some of the best drinks we've ever had have been in places we've just stumbled across ourselves so we're not going to make too many recommendations. If you just want to pop into somewhere for a good drink, The Golden Bee with its fantastic roof terrace is always a good choice or if you're looking for somewhere iconic then you can't go wrong with London Cocktail Club.

or, just wander, you're bound to find somewhere that suits you perfectly!

An image of Old Street looking towards Shoreditch


Although the food and drink options could (and probably will) keep you entertined for years, its always nice to have other options for entertainment in and around where you work. If you're meeting a friend after work, planning a team day or just need to relax, then there are lots of things that you could do.

Options range from the more-physical-than-you'd-think playing Ping Pong at Bounce to admiring art near Finsbury Square Bloomberg SPACE, taking in a Rooftop Film at the Queen of Hoxton, or laughing out loud at the comedy café.

or if you fancy something completely different then its worth checking out the National Centre for Circus Arts

An image of a sky scraper and Old Street roundabout in Old Street

Types of Business

While Old Street has quite a diverse set of businesses operating from its Office space and Co-Working spaces, it has been hugely attractive to web-based or heavily web-interactive businesses over the past few years.

Since the 'Silicon Roundabout' was cristened, partly due to the types of businesses that Old Street was attracting and partly because of the businesses that already occupied the available office space (Chicken or Egg?) the area has undoubtedly become a haven for the digital-forward businesses.

Silicon Roundabout received a £200 million investment from the government to incentivise companies to move to the London in 2010, which caused the number of businesses in the area to increase hugely, reportedly from 200 to over 5,000 in less than four years.

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