Best Sustainable Office Spaces 2019

Sustainable and Green Office Space is everywhere in 2019!

Whether it's beaches covered in plastic waste, proposed bans on single-use plastic, improvements in renewable energy technology or vegan sausage rolls, people everywhere are trying to improve the way they use and re-use resources available to them.

With publications such as The Guardian issuing new guidance on the language it believes its journalists should use when writing about these issues, sustainability has now become a huge concern not only for building owners, service providers, occupiers or businesses but employees and guests too.

Whether sustainability is at the very core of your business, you're interested in social impact or you just want to make sure you're doing your bit, there are options throughout London for you and your business, we've picked out a few interesting choices for you below:

Sustainable Workspaces

An image of Sustainable Workspaces Bankside Bar

It would be impossible to start a list of sustainable workspaces without mentioning the provider with "Sustainable" in its very name.

Sustainable workspaces make their mission clear in the first paragraph on its website "Our community believes in a world where climate change and resource scarcity are addressed by commercial solutions. As entrepreneurs scaling leading sustainable start-ups realising this future, we found a lack of suitable workspace in London."

With a focus on energy, buildings, transport and food (as well as mentions of the circular economy), Sustainable Workspaces are providing space for business tackling some of the toughest issues facing society today.

Offering a mixture of Coworking and Meeting Room Space, Sustainable Workspaces are living up to their name by growing to be the largest cluster of sustainable start-ups in Europe in only three years.

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The Greenhouse London

An image of The Green House's entrance and cafe

Just a short walk from Newington Green (N16), The Greenhouse is a Coworking and Meeting Room space aimed at creative enterprises living up to its name by having brilliant plants distributed throughout the space. Fronted by the "Farewell Cafe & Kitchen" run by Terrone & Co., The Greenhouse offers unique meeting rooms as well as event space in its "Wellbeing Room" alongside its workspace (part of which has a glass roof, so the space is Greenhouse in more than name). The Green House's close relationship with plantlife if continued through its rustic furniture, with plenty of workspaces based around wooden furniture.

With its location, a name like The Greenhouse, an address on Green Lanes and plants as far as the eye can see, The Greenhouse is living up to its name in more ways than one. #greenspace

The Greenhouse Group also has more studio and office space available throughout London.

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An image of Airspace's Coworking Space

Airspace is another space with an incredible location. Just on the corner of Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street (across from Primark), Airspace is a small haven of workspace away from the hustle and bustle of one of London's busiest roads.

Offering a mixture of Coworking and Private Office Space, Airspace's core philosophy is taking dormant buildings and turning them into well-designed office space. By designing, building and fitting their own furniture, Airspace is not only contributing to the workspace sustainability effort but also keeping their costs down, making space in this incredibly located building much more affordable than you would expect from other providers.

Between the plants, the custom wooden furniture, and Airspace's core mission, the future for turning disused space into incredible workspace looks bright.

Empty buildings are an often overlooked part of the sustainability issue, with more properties empty than you would expect. Airspace's concept helps move to tackle it.

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The Office Group (TOG)

An image of Kirby Street's 1st Floor Breakout Space and Terrace

Larger Serviced Office and Coworking providers are also considering their environmental impact and sustainability responsibilities. The Office Group are no strangers to sustainable buildings, their Kirby Street building has been open since 2009 boasting a few sustainable features that many providers are only beginning to install now, 10 years later. Kirby Street boasts solar panels on its main rood terrace as well as a rain water collection system that can be used to irrigate plants on any of its 5 other roof terraces, or even to flush the toilets.

TOG also has a dedicated sustainability coordinator alongside other members of staff acting as green ambassadors to oversee sustainability across the group after buildings open and are occupied. Putting in place sustainable products, organising recycling or re-use and liaising with members for their input on all things sustainable.

Their design-led approach also allows them to design with sustainability in mind from the beginning of opening a new building, making features such as lighting sensors a standard rather than an extra.

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Ark Coworking

An image of Workspace in ARK Coworking

ARK Coworking is what happens when social enterprise meets Coworking. With a great King's Cross location, ARK reserve a portion of its income each year to give to charities and organisations that share their values and are doing good in the area they're based in. They regularly encourage their members to give back as well by offering their skills and time to causes for good.

Their restoration of the dilapidated Victorian building they are in is another example of how workspaces can transform disused or underdeveloped buildings and in ARK's case, how these spaces can be used to encourage affordable community even in the most expensive of cities.

ARK also run a scheme called spARK which offers 3 months of fully paid coworking membership to businesses that are making a difference in an effort to support local businesses and the local area.

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An image of a studio space in a V22 building

V22 is a shared-ownership structured registered charity, with a mission to ensure that affordable work and studio space is available throughout the city for artists where rising property prices threaten to push many further out.

Between North and South East London, V22 currently offers ten buildings for creative businesses and social enterprise, each building having been converted from former uses such as terraced housing and even a Victorian children's home.

V22's subsidised first-year rate and conscious effort to keep their rent towards the bottom of the market rate puts them at the forefront of promoting community spirit and creative industry, where you often find most home-grown and community-driven social enterprise efforts.

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Second Home

An image of Workspace in Second Home

Second Home is another company that states its mission upfront, as can be found on their website: "Our mission is to support job creation - and we do that by nurturing entrepreneurship and creativity in cities around the world."

Founded by Rohan Silva. Second Home state that they are always looking to have the biggest social impact, which they are achieving both with what they offer internally to employees (they have an apprenticeship scheme and are a Living Wage employer), as well as what they have to offer to members in their workspaces (they are using 100% renewable energy in all of their spaces and offer free facilities to local charities).

Between their refugee support, charitable donations and having 15% of their members being charities or social enterprises, Second Home are at the forefront of sustainability not only in their buildings but in the community too.

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Bathtub to Boardroom

An image of Workspace at Bathtub to Boardroom

Bathtub to Boardroom is another charity that operates workspace that has been going since 2012. Creating accessible and affordable space "to ensure social impact through enterprise", Bathtub to Boardroom also offers a bursary aimed at removing the financial barriers to business for those that may not have had access to necessary finances or networks due to a variety of reasons, such as low opportunity backgrounds.

Bathtub to Boardroom is also supporting students by connecting them to entrepreneurs and encouraging work experience, mentoring and the development of employability skills.

Sustainability doesn't just mean reducing your carbon footprint, and the promotion of social enterprise by spaces like Bathtub to Boardroom is a great driver of sustainability in both the community and workplace.

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An image of two people shaking hands at a wooden table

Bootstrap is a charity that has been around for 40 years (established in 1977), so they know a thing or two about sustainability.

They currently manage over 60,000 square feet of workspace, with 120 businesses and organisations aimed at helping their members grow into sustainable businesses while being socially conscious. They work with unemployed Hackney residents to develop employability skills as well as provide training opportunities and job information.

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If you're looking to go beyond just adding a compost bin to your kitchen and are looking for a sustainable Serviced Office or Coworking space, we're always happy to help. Get in touch: [email protected]

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